Индивидуальные и корпоративные туры

It is a great pleasure for Vartanush Grandma to work out an individual tour plan for your holidays in Armenia according to your preferences. And it`s a great challenge for us to work out a special cooperate trip full of adventures, different master-klasses and special team buildings for you company! All you need to make your dreams in Armenia come true share them with us. And we will do our best with the rest. Please complete the application form according to your preferences and we will develop the most efficient draft for your holidays within short time. We do appreciate your time and will be glad to help you.


Пишите! Звоните! Влюбляйтесь!

Связаться с офисом Бабушки Вартануш в Ереване можно по телефону:

+374 98 86 16 30

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Бабушка Вартануш с удовольствием ответит на все Ваши вопросы лично, только, пожалуйста, будьте терпеливы, ведь волшебство не терпит суеты!