"Back to Armenia" - Mandaloun

The 2nd event of an unique "Back to Armenia" cuisine project to support restaurateurs – repatriates took place on December 7, at 18:30, in Mandaloun (Sakharov Square – Nalbandyan St 48/1) . A project by Vartanush Grandma & Co - tours to authentic Armenia and more, realized with information support of Repat Armenia has been created specially to the support of Armenians, who came back to their Homeland. Every month "Grandma" gather a number of guests for a cooking master-class and the best dishes tasting in the most popular and renowned restaurants of the city, opened by the repatriates. Fair business talk with the founders of the restaurants about their return to Armenia, cuisine master class and wine tasting are always provided in BACK TO ARMENIA project! During this event repats and locals can see each other. "Back to Armenia" is the project to motivate and inspire, to illustrate a success story of Armenians, who returned home, started everything from straight and found themselves in this country. The project's purpose is a removal of a local gastronomy on essentially new level, expansion of cuisine interests of the capital and promotion of restaurants. We are happy that our 2nd event was hold in Mandaloun restaurant – the place resembling real eastern fairytale. Our guests got a cuisine master-class and 3 dishes tasting, had a welcome drink from Highland Cellars - KOOR Wines , as well as heard a story of Hagop Markarian– the founder of the restaurant, about his return to Armenia. Photo cresits - Raffi Berberian Photography



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